Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

Well, it has been a few buys days. I'm currently in the process of trying to find my own place, and it's been interesting to say the least. First place I checked out? Yes, Crazy Cat Lady. I kid you not. I should have backed right out of the driveway when I saw 2 cat-scratch posts in the window, and 2 hair covered cat beds sitting outside the front door. The house was nice, if not a bit messy. The stench of cat wee did hit my like a brick when I first walked in, and as soon as I was warned to keep my door shut to prevent one of the cats spraying on my belongings, I realized it probably wasn't for me. Oh! Crazy Cat Lady's 98 year old mother also lives in the basement. My kind of company! Partay!

   I checked out one nice guy's place, but he was a bit older and we'd have to share the kitchen and entryway. Very nice place, with lots of room to myself, but if I wanted to live with my dad, I'd stay here. The winner though, would have to be my visit to a brand new, two floor home, with huge bay windows looking down the length of Shushwap lake's Salmon Arm (the arm of the lake, not the city) with mountains framing the view. Beautiful home, but she was older than my Grandmother, and seemingly a whole lot stricter. Once again, not my thing! Today I went to Blind Bay, about 20 minutes away to see about a room to rent in a split level home. Very nice.  Two guys in their early 20's live there full time, and the homeowner is 30ish, and splits her time between Kamloops. I had the choice of a very small room for $375/month, or a Master Bedroom w/Ensuite, newly renovated for $575 a month. Newly Reno'd to the max. Stunning place. Almost a lake view from the huge deck with BBQ, and a large backyard. I think the single thing holding me back from jumping on it is the 20 minute drive, and the amount of fuel I'd end up paying for this summer for all the back 'n' forth. I've got a full 1 BDRM Suite to look at tomorrow not far from here (my Dad's house) and even closer to my Boss's house, where I start work each morning. Maybe that will end up being perfect? Cross your fingers for me!

   Feeling EXTREMELY Patriotic at the moment with all the GOLD our country has been winning lately. Our athletes have turned "Blown The Podium" back into the intended "Own The Podium!" We're currently one of 3 Nations to have ever won 13 Gold Medals in the Winter Olympics. Along with us are The Soviet Union in 1976 and Norway in 2002. Finger's crossed for tomorrow's Gold Medal game against the Yanks!

   Another quick note: My Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is about to expire, so I'll be wiping my computer clean and starting anew with an old version of Vista, then possibly upgrade to Windows 7 Full. I may be out of contact for a while if the copy of Vista I got fails to work!

   Okay, time to get back to my book. I've (slowly) started reading The Last Dive, by Bernie Chowdhury. It's been on my "Must Read" list for quite awhile, and I'm happy to be finally digging into it. Not exactly an uplifting story, but one with a great lesson. I'll let you know what I think of it as I get deeper into it.

   While reading my book, I plan to listen to my new favourite acoustic artist, Joe Purdy. I imagine most of you may have heard this song, either from the DAWN Soap Commercial, or an older episode of LOST. I leave you with Wash Away (Reprise), by Joe Purdy. Enjoy,

See you later, B

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