Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work... Work. A means to an end. The end being dive instructing once again in a beautiful, warm, tropical, sub-tropical, toasty, or otherwise non-frozen place. With little to no heavy lifting, digging, loud machinery (except compressors, compressors are ok), or the word Flip. It was fine last summer when I was dating a great girl who frowned upon the use of the most common curses, but we're men. Big strong, loud, mud covered frustrated men. And this year, if I'm frustrated, I want to let out my frustrations how I see fit, even if that means dropping the "F-bomb". The real "F-bomb", not FLIP!! Can you tell I had a bad day at work?

   I've finally decided on a name for my Jeep. I've been trying to think of one since I got it, but the only thing that has managed to stick in my head is Bullwinkle! The few photos my Dad Mike had of the Jeep had that name in the file, for whatever reason. So, I shall now impart upon you the first New Adventures of Brocky and Bullwinkle!! I know, I impress myself at times...

    I got off work early yesterday, thanks to a cough due to cold. Well, not really, despite my sad physical state, it was the continuous pouring rain that put an end to the fun of carrying paving stones. I came home, had a nice long hot shower, then promptly headed for the Walk-in clinic. Nearing 3 weeks with this cold, and I'd had enough. But that's not the interesting part of the day. After the doctor, I went and sourced/priced out a few parts for Bullwinkle. No luck. That was okay, because I knew of a great old logging road that went past a large gravel pit. Maybe, just maybe, there would be some mud there. Sure enough, farther up the road, I found some. Then I found a field with some trees, abandoned fire pits, old ammunition and wet grass. Some of the trees, the fire pits, and the ammunition are still there. I made the grass into mud! Honestly, it was just an opportunity to test out the 4x4! Bullwinkle got mighty covered in mud after many, many laps around the little Mud Track I made myself, as did I... and the interior, when I foolishly left the window open for a lap. No matter, the goofy grin plastered on my face stayed for many hours after! Plastered on like mud to a jeep... I'd take photos, but my camera managed to find the floor too many times.

Good news, I've reached a milestone for myself. I don't think I can say it any better than this kid -

See you soon, B (&B)

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