Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What to do...

Oh, Canada! Yes, I made it home. My mom picked me up at the airport with her boyfriend Bert and his two boys, then it was onward to his house for a bite to eat. After I was sufficiently fed and the boys were attached to their PlayStation 3, we headed to the local pub for a few drinks and a few more tales. I really enjoyed getting to know Bert that little bit more, as our meetings have been few and far between. A very interesting man, who really, really needs a new job! Upon returning to the house, Bert went to bed, and mom and I got comfortable on the couch and sat up talking until well near midnight. I slept like a log, then rolled myself out of bed at 9, hoping to avoid Jet Lag as best I could.

I'm at my dad, Mike's house in Richmond, now. Great to see not only him, but my two younger brothers as well. I don't see the little rascals near enough. Last night... In bed by 10, but awake by 3am. I tossed and turned, drifting in and out of sleep until 8am, when i dragged myself out of bed. So much for being in this time zone! Today we lazed around, then drove around scrounging around a few Used Book Shops. I scored a few old Diving Manuals. I get a kick out of them, and I'm slowly building up a little collection. I love seeing what equipment was top of the line in 1976, and how terrifying the seas were!

So I know I'll be struggling to find things to write about the next while. Technically, I'm still a Yukon Expatriate, so the basis for my blog hasn't changed. On the other hand, I am no longer (for the time being) traveling abroad. Those of you living vicariously through me may not be able to find what you came looking for. The others, those of you trying to stalk me on Facebook and not finding near enough information about my current affairs, will be pleased to know I will do my best to keep you updated here. Stalkers.

I miss my Hammock - (tried uploading a pic of me being very chilled out, but not working right now)

See you later, B


  1. Miss you Brocklie! I'm glad you got home safe and I will see you in less than a month. I am soooo excited!! Hope to talk to you soon!! Love you Big Bro<3


  2. Stalker!? I am no such thing!