Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home James...

The last week and a bit... has been something. It's what traveling is all about for me. Chance meetings of great people, nights of drunken revelry that, despite copious amounts of alcohol, stay in your memory forever, and moments/hours/days that take your breath away. A great deal of excitement went down, a whole load of chillaxin was done, and some sweet diving was dove(?).

Sadly, now I am off home. Currently, at this very moment, sat in a cafe in the Taipei Airport, Taiwan. Freezing my nads off as well. Why did i decide to travel in shorts and a t-shirt? Not really sure what to blog about... I know there's probably a furor of excitement awaiting photos and details of my time spent on Koh Chang. I need to... absorb it all. I was, more than once, on the edge of missing/changing/canceling my flight home just to stay there, be a beach bum, and actually get into teaching some diving. It's a brilliant place...

   Life, though... Thinking logically (without a certain Viking whispering certain ideas in my ear), I know the smart thing to do is go home, start work, get myself sorted, and, if I'm still wanting to teach diving in a few months time, go do it. But I'd do it properly. I'd get a JOB. No more Mermaids Dive Center. I've had enough of them. Why pay to work for them? Sounds ass-backwards to me. Sort myself out a nice bungalow... out on the boats everyday... *sigh* That was the dream just over a year ago. I need to remind myself every so often I only get to live this life once.

   A moment you realize you are truly alive: dancing like the world isn't watching, in a club at 4am, in Walking Street Pattaya, on top of a speaker the size of a SMART car, reminiscing about a months worth of great experiences, buzzed on Vodka Lipo, and managing to find the mental capacity to phone your mom and yell at her how awesome you are. Heck yes.

   Life isn't about how many breaths you take, but how many times life takes your breath away.

See you soon, B
Oh, my camera died. One too many drops onto a hard marble floor apparently... SD card is still good though, so no pictures lost! Speaking of LOST, I still have 4 hours untill my flight is supposed to board. Luckily I have downloaded the 1st 2 episodes of LOST Season 6!!! WOOOOOOOOO!

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