Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Early Return

As foreshadowed in my previous post, I am indeed returning to Canada earlier than planned, though not by much. On February 7th I'll be flying Bangkok to Vancouver, that's about 2 weeks sooner than my previous flight of February 23rd. The earlier return is due to various factors, the greatest being MONEY. No Complaints, No Regrets.

   This leg of my trip has become something I didn't expect. The plan was to come here and dive and teach, and do not much else. After being shafted by the shop manager one too many times (he gave away courses I wanted to teach), I realized there was no reason to stress. There is 6-9 months of intense physical labour waiting for me when I get back to Salmon Arm, why worry about working my butt off? I've made friends, told jokes, drank well into the early hours of morning, visited walking street -

If you still have no idea what Walking Street is about, I found this video for you all. DANGER - Ladyboy at 00:42!!

   I've made this trip to Thailand a proper holiday, for me and me alone. Good lord it has been fun. Dad, you thought I had stories from last time?

   So tomorrow or Tuesday I'll be leaving Pattaya. I' catching a bus 3 hours south to an Island called Koh Chang. My Best Friend (have I have not seen in over a year) is down there at the moment. We're going to spend 5 days laying on the beach, drinking, telling stories, diving, riding motorbikes, exploring, and most likely manage to cause some mayhem in between our otherwise busy schedule. He has warned me to bring a camera, as I won't remember any of my time there. Pookie is the nefarious bastard that would buy me trays of SangSom Coke. You can see where the trouble could lie... On the 6th of February we're going to catch a mini-bus back up to Pattaya so he can see everyone here, I'll grab the rest of my stuff, and in the morning of the 7th I'll head on up to Bangkok to fly home.

   Upon landing in Vancouver, my Mom will pick me up, so we can spend the night at her boyfriend's place. Few days with my Dad Mike and my little brothers, then back to glorious Salmon Arm!
   As promised, photos of me diving the Hardeep, courtesy of Darran C.
See you later, B

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