Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well i made it to Sri Lanka, Just waiting for my connecting flight to Bangkok in 3 hours. Feeling very tired after a late night (date night with Tara and packing) and a 10 hour flight. Definitely looking forward to the shorter trip to BKK. I think I'm over these uber long haul flights. Calgary to London is easy, with the nice larger planes and no need to look forward to a connection in a starnge country where 15 yr olds dressed in army fatigues have to carry uzi's. I now remember telling ymself LAST time i flew to/from Thailand that i was sick of these trips! Looking forward to getting to Pattaya and having a shower and a drink in the ar with some old friends. Will do a proper post soon if i can find Wi-fi. This hurting computer terminal is giving me tennis elbow.

See you later,B

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