Friday, December 18, 2009

Tara is here!

After all the waiting! And flying! And waiting! Tara came home last night around 11pm, and we just had a great chat for a few hours. We went into town today to get some maintenance done on her car and she needed to do some shopping. Things are going well, but there is definitely a transition period... One gets so used to living alone (or in the army in her case) for 4.5 months.

   Southeast England is at a standstill today, as there is 4in of snow on the ground! I've been stifling giggles all day watching people slam on brakes, gun it up hills, and pour water out of a kettle to melt the snow away from their tires. No joke. They had police officers on the high street in the nearest village with shovels directing traffic and helping people get unstuck. If there ever was a need to invade Great Britain, forget the Artillery - bring the Snow Makers from Whistler.

   That's all for now. We were planning to drive up North to Leeds to see Tara's friends, then onward to Scotland. May not happen now as we'll be bound to the house as the slush turns to ice... End of the world as we know it, honestly!

See you later, B

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  1. Update! Update please!!! I wanna know how it's going? Love,Mom.