Monday, December 7, 2009

Hangover #1

Soooo, dancing at Coasters. What a riot. I very much needed to let loose like that. My little sister drove me down, and i have to say it's odd having my little sister drive me to the bar! I joined friends already there, and hugs were traded all around. Many faces I didn't expect to see, which was a great bonus. I very quickly drank 2 rye and cokes in quick succession. Okay, when you ask for doubles (tall) in BC, its pretty smooth. Here, a tall is in a regular glass! STRONG. Holy cow are they strong drinks. In no time at all the liquid courage had done its job and I was out on the dance floor with Kate, TD (kate's sister), and who ever else would join us. I kept up a rhythm of dancing for a while, then joining the "cool" folks waiting at the table just watching us. Also, keeping up a steady consumption of double Ryes, Jack Daniels, and the like.

   While waiting at the bar for a tasty beverage, I bumped into a few girls I went to high school with. One of them was having their birthday party, so they were out in numbers. It was great to see so many more familiar faces! Definitely a bonus of having one's hometown be so small. It is bloody easy to see everyone! Our night carried on with more dancing. As is the norm, by midnight the dance floor had been overtaken by more than just Kate and I. We had company to look foolish with! We danced on till around 1:30am, and decided to head off before we all fell asleep. Tim Horton's was a must on the way back to Joel's house, and we each devoured a bagel. Upon arrival at Joel's house, we poured another drink each, put a movie on, and I attempted to not pass out. I was successful! For half the movie...

   I awoke the next morning, early, on the floor. Crawling back onto the couch, I went back into a broken sleep, untill 10:30 when my sister came to pick me up. Sunday was filled up with Brunch at Ricki's with Rory and his girlfriend Shannon, then a bike building fest with Rory at the bike shop.

   I miss the young naivety that comes with having both parents' health insurance cover the cost of things like teeth and glasses. After my optometrist visit today I was shocked to have to shell out $270 for the appointment and a 6 months (2 boxes each eye) supply of contacts. It's going to be another $310 at some point, far down the line, to have the lenses replaced in my glasses. *sigh* After the hit to the bank this morning, it is uber budget time!

Off for a swim at the Rec Center. Hoping to avoid getting fat and lazy again this holiday!

See you later,

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