Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cancelations, delays, and an Oxford Circus.

Yesterday I went on an Adventure. Tina, Tara's mom took me to the nearest train station. There, I purchased a ticket and headed for London, but more precisely Liverpool Street Station. Upon arrival I left the Underground Station, and walked not 5 minutes to the Train Station. I purchased an Open Return Ticket to Needham Market in Suffolk. This place is North/North East of London. The train journey was about an hour long. Not bad. The whole trip, with transfers and all was closer to 2.5 hours. Still much more simple than the National Rail website made it out to be.

   Needham Market was cute. Sleepy. One High Street, or "Main Street" and not much else. I was early, so I walked up the High street both directions, and didn't see anything of note except a lovely old church, and a Lotus Elise.

    Fearing frost bite and finding nothing else of interest, I headed for The Swan. The Swan was the pub where I was to meet 2 friends I had not seen in over 3 years. Rip (James is his real name) and Sarah lived with myself and others in our house in Cairns for a few months, so we had been quite close. Well, I had an hour to kill so I ordered myself a drink, found a booth, and dug into my book. Soon, they arrived, with a surprise in tow. Nick Noy! Another one of the guys that lived with us! I had grin on my face for the next few hours that couldn't be shook. We talked, BSed, gossiped, and remember the good old times in "House of Patricia." I;m not sure where the name of the house came from... When we had finished our few drinks at The Swan, We headed to Nick and Rip's flat for some Dinner and Nintendo64. Talk about a nostalgic night! WE played Super Mario Kart64 for a couple hours and just howled with laughter. And curses. Freakin Lighting bolt!

   By 10:30 Sarah had to leave and the boys needed to get to bed. Oh the days of having to get up for work! We said our goodbyes, and I went to bed on the sofa. A really, really good night! The next morning I was up by 9am, and the guys had left for work. I got dressed, and made my way to the train station. I figured it'd be just as easy getting back to London. Ha. 10:50, next scheduled train. Okay, plenty of time to head back to that Coffee house, grab a Tea and sandwich to go, then catch the train. Arrive in London around noon, so I'll have time to wander and shop a bit. Ha. Got Tea, Sandwich, train canceled, next one at 11:50 delayed 'till 12:00. Ok. Back to coffee house, 2 more cups of tea, an hour of reading my book. Back to the Train station. delayed till 12:22. It's snowing. I'm cold. I want to get to London!

   I did, in the end, cruised around on the Underground to get to Oxford Circus. It was recommended to me by a tourist info guy. Holy Moly was it ever a circus. The whole street is like a shopping mall, but due to my Canceled/delayed train its now RUSH HOUR! I found a shoe shop though, while narrowly avoiding smashing into many other pedestrians. Tried on a few, got a pair i liked, then made a B-line straight for my train home! Good riddance. Couple of real rude people in London too. I'm looking at you Black Lady That Snapped at Pannini Seller then didn't even buy anything and Greasy Haired Saggy Jean Bottom Guy who butted in front of me! Stewie is too...
   Reading The Kite Runner right now. I'm pages from the end, and it has exceeded all my expectations and lives up to all the hype. It is a moving book. How moving? I cried, but I'm like that. I'll say more when i'm done it...

   See you later,
Tara's here late tomorrow night!

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  1. Okay you made me drool, yearn and check airfares to the UK. It sounds perfectly wonderful in spite of the inevitable complications and turd heads. Soak it up for all of us! And I'm glad you've enjoyed "the Kite Runner" so much. Looking forward to your thoughts. Remember to read "A Thousand Splendid Suns", I loved it. Much love to you! Auntie Di