Friday, December 4, 2009

The start of a 3 month trip abroad.


Well, here we go. Off again. I am now 3 days into this trip. That's 2 days of procrastinating, tossing around the idea of starting this blog, yet not making the slightest effort to get it off the ground. I was tired, honest. So here it is. I would like this to be a place where my friends and family can come to catch up with what kind of shennanigans I'm up to while abroad for the next 3ish months. I'll tell you now, please do not have high expectations. I'm a serial procrastinator notorious for ignoring the simplest of tasks. A blog is a high order. So, here. We. Go.

    I flew from Kelwona to Vancouver on Tuesday, and spent the night at Gramma Anne and Grandad's. I find as I get older, I enjoy these visits more and more. Perhaps due to the more adult conversations? The fact I am not locked away in the computer room "MSNing" with friends I've just left? Either way, it was a visit I thoroughly enjoyed. Tuesday night in bed I struggled to sleep. The strange bed didn't help, nor did my excitement. After attempting to sleep for half an hour, I turned the light back on and continued to read The English Patient, eventually finishing it. Then, I slept.

   Wednesday morning. Got up early. Airport. Check bags. Wait. Start to read The Road by Cormac Mccarthy. If there is one thing (out of many) I love most about traveling, it is that I get my head out of TV land and back in to the pages of books. Wednesday was a day filled with surprise reunions with family, lunches with ladies, and many a chat with old friends back in my hometown of Whitehorse. By midnight, The Road was another book added to the "Done" pile. I read fast, by the way.

   Today, Thursday December 3, has been another great day.  I slept in, surprise! My friend Kate then picked me up, and we went to her new place for a... Well we coined it a "Blunch." I believe brunches need to take place well before 2pm to deserve their name. Eggs, sausage, beans, fried potatoes and coffee. All with a side order of chat about love, life, and everything between. Our friend joel joined us in town for another coffee and dinner, then I came home and here I am now, typing away. To my own surprise!

Now... How to sign off? What parting comment should I end each of these staggeringly good reads with? My Auntie Di signs each of her blogs off with "'til next time," Always leaving us expecting more greatness... I always remember a book I read as a child. It taught me, never say goodbye, as it's never goodbye. Always say, "see you later". So,

See you later,

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  1. I am sooo glad you've started a blog! You're already one of my favourite bloggers! And you're in good company if you are what you call a "serial procrastinator notorious for ignoring the simplest of tasks". Uncle Ken and I are masters at this under appreciated but timeless craft. I can't wait to read all about your adventures because as you know by now, we all live vicariously through you.
    Heaps of love, Auntie Di