Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beating Auntie Di and my Mom to it!

Okay, I know it's been a while. I have to say I'm just happy that I'm still blogging more than both my Aunt and my Mum. We're all terrible procrastinators, but I feel as though I've won a small victory by getting this done before them! So, HA!

   Moving on. Christmas was wonderful here, and it was a white one at that. I heard we had more snow than Salmon Arm! Last year I couldn't shovel enough of the bloody stuff. We woke up Christmas morning, and Tara and I exchanged gifts in our room. She absolutely loved all that I got her, especially the ring. She gave me a very moving card, and then told me my gift was in the mail! A Nikon D50! It's older, but will be a great starter camera. I hope I can take some good pictures in Thailand to better express what its like there.

    We got out of bed and headed out to the lounge to open up our stockings. Mine was packed with candy, a small puzzle, and a STIG flashlight key chain, among other things. After Stockings, Tara, her brother Graham, and I went to the Stables to feed the family horse and put him out into the field. We then returned to the house, and opened Presents! Gifts of Note: We three kids received an indoor Skydive experience, I got a pair of Tartan Boxers from Tara's family in Scotland, Tara's Mum and Dad bought me a really Nice 6-Nations Rugby Jersey... Lots of nice stuff all around.

   The last few days have just been really lazy. Tara has re-taught herself how to sleep-in, which is nice. The snow is all gone now, washed away by rain and warmer temps. Last night I went out with another good friend from Australia, Leah. We had dinner, then went to see Sherlock Holmes. Really nice, as with the friends of a week ago, to just catch up reminisce. Tara and I are heading to town tonight for dinner and a movie. Will be nice to have a Date night! And, fingers crossed, my Camera arrives tomorrow. Will be busy snapping away, so will post some photos. Here are some of our drive North to Scotland: Tara, her Gran and her Aunt Sandy, an old Abbey, the view from our B&B room, and The M6 in snow...

That's all for now. Not much of a post, but too much has been going on for me to put all my thoughts together properly. Will post soon! See you later, B

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