Saturday, March 27, 2010


Not sure if any of you have heard of Chatroulette yet. It's an interesting concept, with limitless interactions available. I recommend reading this article at to get a feeling of what the site is about, and to see a few videos of it in action. I think the whole idea is phenomenal. Random meetings with total strangers anywhere in the world. If you need a good laugh, watch both the YouTube Videos embedded in the article. So funny!

I'm too chicken to try it, are you?

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  1. Where are youuuuu? We miss youuuuu! You are thoughtful, insightful, and sweet. We need you and we need your blog! Okay here's a topic for you to blog on...

    "Life do you process them?"


    "What I had for breakfast."

    I don't care what you blog about - just DO IT. I miss you!

    Auntie Di