Sunday, March 21, 2010


While I sit here tapping away at the keys of my laptop, I want you to know I am enjoying a piece of nearly the best cake I have ever tasted. This is not your usual Superstore frosted cake. You know the kind. Halfway through a piece you realize the frosting tastes like what you'd imagine Diabetes tasting like, and you start to scrape it off or pass it on to a young child. Preferably the child of someone else. This cake... the frosting is that fancy Fondant stuff they apply in sheets, and it has little flowers stamped on it. Its sweet, but not too sweet. The cake itself... Chocolate. Fluffy, moist, rich. I had a piece for breakfast, and surprising even myself, I saved this one for later. Later being now! The cake is from my Boss' wife's birthday party I attended last night.

The party was an uneventful one. Took place outside, around a wonderful fire. The alcohol flowed freely enough to let the conversation flow as freely. A variety of snacks were set out for the night, and the cake arrived with a tray of matching cupcakes. I had 2 of them. It was a nice little party, with a nice little hangover had by all this morning.

I spent my day on the couch watching a movie and reading a book. The movie was City of God, and I have been hearing mention of this movie for a while now. One of my friends even described it as the best film he had ever seen, and I nearly agree with him. City of God is now up there among my top favourite films. Not the top, but damn near close. It follows the rise of gangs in the slums of Rio de Janeiro from the 60's though the 80's, and we see the story unravel through the eyes of narrator Rocket. Rocket aspires to avoid the violence and crime around him to one day become a professional photographer. The whole film has a grittiness about, a roughness... One particular scene of excessive violence against a young "Runt," the children gangsters, was particularly intense. I highly recommend you see this movie now! ASAP

The book? Blindness, written by Jose Saramago. It was made into a film not too long ago, and I wanted to see it (ironically enough, the film was directed by the director of City of God!), but decided to read the book first. Its the tale of a wave of blindness, affecting a few citizens of a city. This blindness is apparently infectious, so all those affected are quarantined in an abandoned mental institution. As their numbers grow, with the army waiting at the gates to kill any of those attempting to leave, food running short, and tempers short, let the mayhem begin. So far, a good read.

We're working in Revelstoke for the first few days of this week. Its about an hour away, so my day is starting at 6am tomorrow. Fun. I do get paid for the drive there though... I'm looking forward to having a new guy working with us. He starts tomorrow, and from the sounds of it, he and I will be working on a few projects alone this week. He's my age, so will be a good change from working with 2 older family men! We'll see how he works out though. Our work is not for everyone. Matt has had guys walk off the job after 3 hours!

Okay, I need to get off here so I can get back to my book before I crawl into bed super early tonight. Up just after 5 tomorrow!

See you soon, B

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